2 (TWO) YEARS WARRANTY – Limited to original purchaser 

EFS warrants its products against defects in workmanship and materials which have caused it to perform below its specifications for a period of 2 (two) years from the date of retail sale, limited to the original purchaser. 

This warranty excludes normal wear and tear or loss of functionality due to the normal aging of the product. 

EFS will replace or repair the product if it becomes defective during the warranty period, however the costs of labour, freight, removal / installation, and any other costs are not included. You will be required to pay for all expenses incurred in making or pursuing a warranty claim. The choice to repair or replace a product under warranty, is at the discretion of EFS. 

It is a condition of our warranty that the Bullbar / Rearbars & Side rails / steps are installed by a suitably qualified installer. And is installed in accordance with accompanying installation instructions provided with item. 

Warranty conditions (will not qualify for warranty) 

These conditions include (but are not limited to): 

• Items which have been modified or not used for the purpose for which they are sold, 
• Any item that has been involved in an accident (for example collision), 
• Items that have been modified, or taken apart, resulting in product failure, 
• Items that have been incorrectly installed, misused or neglected 
• Items not purchased through our Authorised Australian dealer network 

Additionally, this warranty will not apply to situations where the vehicle has been altered from the manufacturers specifications, instructions or manual. Or if the product purchased is not suitable for use on the vehicle.

How to make a warranty claim: 

Please contact your place of purchase (EFS Dealer) if you have any warranty concerns. Photos & descriptions may be required as this will assist in getting the warranty claim assessed in a timely manner. As all warranties are investigated individually on a case by case basis the supply of requested information will determine processing time. 

EFS reserves the right to refuse any warranty deemed to be unreasonable or not within the limits of our product warranty terms and conditions. 

EFS are not responsible for loss of time, loss of vehicle use or any damage caused by product failure. It is the responsibility of the owner/driver once a possible warranty is discovered to prevent further damage to other components and for the safety of themselves and others. 

EFS Reserves the right to change the product design without notice. EFS shall have no obligation to upgrade or otherwise modify previously manufactured products

EFS 4x4 Accessories has not tested a Weight / Load Distribution Hitch in conjunction with our tow bar and therefore are unable to recommend or endorse the use of such a device with our Adventure Series rear bars. 

We understand that the fitment of such a device may be desired and is at the discretion of the user. 

Its widely recommended that when Weight / Load Distribution Hitches are installed, that they are to be used on highway style roads only, as a dynamic supplementary support to a correctly loaded vehicle / trailer combination. 

When negotiating the following conditions, the Weight / Load Distribution Hitch should be disconnected: - 
• Uneven or off-road terrain 
• Short steep gutters 
• Access ramps 
• Speed humps or dips 
• Performing tight turns at slow speeds 
• Travelling on severe undulating road surfaces 
• Steep abrupt inclines or declines 
• When driving or reversing into and out of driveways All warranty claims which involve a Weight / Load Distribution Hitch will be investigated on a case by case basis. If your vehicle suffers a failure or issue that is determined to be a direct result of the fitments of a Weight / Load Distribution Hitch, your warranty claim for repairs may be denied.