Provent Oil Separator Kit Navara NP300

Provent Oil Separator Kit Navara NP300

Provent Oil Separator Kit Navara NP300

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Oil separators have been mandated by emissions regulations for some time now. Diesel engines are widely used in 4x4 (4WD), car, truck and marine applications. It is known that recirculated oil mist (containing soot and other contaminants) can be damaging to components such as inter/after-coolers and turbochargers and lead to carbon build up within the intake manifold. These carbon particles are capable of destroying the turbocharger bearings.

• Prevents oil and soot contamination entering the clean air intake

• Excellent protection for turbocharger

• Minimises oil consumption*

• Prevents oil buildup in intercoolers

• Regulates crankcase pressure

• Keeps critical engine components clean

• Reduces exhaust smoke and odours

• Saves you money

For the ultimate defence against oil and soot contamination, investing in a ProVent® Oil Separator kit will protect your investment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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