4x4 GVM Upgrade Lift Kits

4x4 GVM Upgrades

Federally approved GVM upgrade lift kits are now available from Direct Suspensions. These have been designed to maximise comfort whilst providing a hefty increase to a vehicle's GVM limit.


Safety is always paramount with West Coast Suspensions' range of GVM upgrade kits; each kit has been ESC tested in Australia to ensure they fully comply with ADR 35/ADR 88 requirements, which means they are certified under RVCS (Road Vehicle Certification System) by the federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.


  • Federally approved for full use around Australia
  • Available for pre-delivery through your dealership
  • Full kit designed to improve safety, handling and load carrying capabilities
  • 3-year/100,000km warranty
  • Safely & legally raises vehicles 40-50mm
  • Does not interfere with factory new car warranty


GVM upgrades for pre-registration and post-registering vehicles:


To arrange a detailed quote, please contact Direct Suspensions on 1300 66 29 20 or e-mail us via our contact page.