Warranty Policy

At Direct Suspensions, we pride ourselves on exceptional aftersales care. This warranty guide is to assist with understanding what warranties exist for your purchase.

Our warranty policies are not meant to limit any customer protections afforded under the ACL.

West Coast Suspensions (sold by Direct Suspensions and its trade partners only) - 3 year/100,000km warranty on all suspension parts except for bushings (1 year warranty). This covers against abnormal sagging, leaking, or performance not consistent with that of a new product, less wear and tear. Failure to perform maintenance every 6 months may render the warranty void. Regular maintenance the customer needs to undertake includes tensioning bolts and greasing bushes. The customer must return to the installer for a 500-1000km safety check & retorque, or the warranty will be void. Labour to swap any approved warranty claims will be covered at Direct Suspensions Brendale only, for customers who originally paid for installation at Direct Suspensions.

Other general product warranties - 12 month warranty, unless otherwise offered by the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has their own procedure for claiming a warranty, and Direct Suspensions reserves the right to request the customer contact the supplier directly to process their warranty claim. For customers that had their part(s) originally installed at Direct Suspensions, we will provide complimentary labour to reinstall any approved warranty claims within 12 months only.

Labour / installation warranty - Direct Suspensions will fix any labour warranty claim proven to exist as a result of poor workmanship within 12 months from the original work. Direct Suspensions requires the vehicle to be returned to our workshop for diagnosis before any claims can be considered for warranty. Wheel alignments are not covered under this policy, and we request the customer to return to the service provider for assistance. For suspension fitted at Direct Suspensions, the customer must return to the store for their complimentary 500km safety check & retorque, or the warranty will be void. Direct Suspensions it not responsible for losses or damages as a result of its installations.

Perfect Fit Guarantee - our Perfect Fit Guarantee states that any fitted vehicle solution (a suspension lift kit or suspension upgrade quoted and fitted entirely by Direct Suspensions) will be fit for purpose for 12 months from the date of the original suspension install. To put it simply, if a customer has NOT changed their vehicle setup/load/weight distribution/accessories etc. and the suspension no longer supports the weight, Direct Suspensions will offer a solution to remedy the issue. We reserve the right to request receipts or photos to support the customer's claim that the vehicle's loading has not changed since the suspension install. Suspension will always settle in height, or may ride stiff depending on the individual setup, so the Perfect Fit Guarantee must take into account real world limitations of vehicle suspension.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee (suspension only) - if, within 30 days of the customer taking possession of their new suspension upgrade, the customer is not completely satisfied with their suspension, Direct Suspensions will provide a swap to an alternate brand. The customer will be responsible for paying any difference in product costs. Labour for the swap, if included on the original invoice along with the suspension purchase, will be provided complimentary. This offer is available for one time only. The customer must not go off-road, or use their vehicle in any way other than on-road commuting, otherwise this guarantee becomes void.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee (other than suspension) - Direct Suspensions will always work with a customer who is unsatisfied with their purchase. In the event that a product is not yet used, undamaged and uninstalled, we will offer an exchange to any other product the customer wishes to purchase instead. If a product is installed, used or otherwise not re-sellable, Direct Suspensions will work with the customer to try and reach a satisfactory outcome.