Airbag Man Airbag Kit for Ram 1500 DT - SCD Version (excl. Power Ram & Rebel) [Standard Height]

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Airbag Man Air Suspension Helper Kit improves ride quality, handling, and performance for various vehicles.

Perfect for towing, hauling, off-roading, and load leveling. They have awesome add-ons like compressors, air lines, and airbags to make this a complete package.

With over 25 years of experience, Airbag Man is known for top-notch products.

High pressure sleeve kits: Take your load-lifting game to the next level with these airbags! Forget about standard polyurethane, these double the pressure and add an extra layer of protection (because let's be real, life can be unpredictable). Don't worry about added weight, these kits can handle it! Peace of mind included.


  • Suits standard, lowered & raised suspensions
  • Eliminates spring sag and helps prevent bottoming out
  • Suits standard, lowered & raised suspensions
  • Improves steering, braking and ride comfort
  • Allows for adjustable ground clearance
  • Improves vehicle stability and handling
  • Provides better towing and hauling capabilities
  • Reduces wear and tear on suspension components
  • Allows for easier loading and unloading of heavy cargo
  • Safer load carrying and excellent ride quality
  • Simple to install, easy to fit & maintain
  • Adjustable levelling control of your vehicle
  • Stabilises body roll and more even tyre wear
  • Lifetime manufacturers warranty

How do I inflate or deflate my airbags?

Very simple! You can add air via a service stations tyre inflation facilities or if you have a portable compressor that will work perfectly as well.

If you wanted to inflate or deflate your airbags from the comfort of your vehicle, we have a massive range of on board air accessories that will give you the ability of individual press of a button technology and pressure readings via an analogue or digital gauge.

What brand of airbags are in the kits?

We utilise only the best airbags on the market in our kits which include Firestone and Dunlop. Our double convoluted leaf helper airbags and blue coil helper airbags from Firestone include a lifetime warranty, other styles with a 2 year warranty.

What's in the kits?

The Airbag Man kit is complete with all the necessary components, including airbags, fittings, and detailed step-by-step instructions accessible through the Airbag Man website or a QR code on the packaging. No need to search for additional parts - they've got you covered!

Need a hand with installation? You can choose to add installation using the 'Install Airbag Kit' option above.