EFS 45mm XTR Struts for FORD RANGER NEXT GEN 2022+

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If you want to take your 4wd to the next level then the EFS XTR Shock/Strut is your only solution. With a massive 40mm piston bore, 64mm external tube, H/D 2mm outer wall thickness and a 20mm piston rod – This shock is for the serious 4wder! The XTR range of shocks/struts has been specifically designed for the outback, offroad tourer with a heavily laden 4wd, that needs the reliability of an oversized shock to keep the shock temperatures down especially on corrugated outback roads. The XTR incorporates the DMC piston valving that automatically adjusts to give you added control on high speed dirt roads but allows your vehicle to articulate in slow off camber situations