EFS 50mm Enforcer Shock Absorber TOYOTA 4RUNNER IFS 130 CHASSIS

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EFS Enforcer is designed for the price conscious 4WD enthusiasts, who need a shock absorber that gets the job done. Featuring a 51mm external tube for greater oil capacity & to keep the valve at a lower operating temperature.

"Not a one shock suits all approach"

EFS shock absorbers are vehicle & height specific with valving developed to suit each vehicle.

Control your ride with DMC-T (Dynamic Motion Control Technology)

DMC-T is a new advancement in shock absorber technology developed by the EFS Research and Development Team here in Australia. Over the past few years EFS have been pushing the boundaries of shock development & refinement to give you a shock that increases the control of your 4WD whilst maintaining positive traction to the contact surface.

This new piston valve technology reacts within one hundredth of a second giving you 'on the fly' automatic adjustment of your shock absorbers which keeps you in control. In a more simple term this valving system will negate the use of externally adjustable shocks because this technology adjusts automatically while you are driving to suit the driving conditions.


  • Low pressure nitrogen gas - To prevent the oil from cavitation (foaming)
  • Long travel design - To maximise wheel travel when a vehicle is raised and increase articulation
  • 32mm piston, twin tube construction - Greater control of the spring during the rebound and compression cycles
  • 15mm quality hardened chromed piston rod - Increased durability
  • 1.2mm outer and inner wall thickness - For greater durability and strength
  • Dynamic Motion Control Technology - Adjusts to different road and off road conditions
  • High quality internal & external components - To prevent fade under harsh conditions and long life poly bushes for durability
  • 3-year/100,000km warranty