MSA Water Bra

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MSA 4X4's Water Bra is the "Original, legendary water crossing bra".

The bra is designed to be placed over the front of your vehicle before a water crossing to prevent expensive damage to your engine and electronics.

Why you need a water bra for your 4WD

When driving through water or mud, the pressure may cause water to enter the grill of your 4WD, causing damage to the engine fan and radiator. Water bras protect 4WDs from the damage by creating a bow wave, preventing water from being forced through the vehicles grill.

The legendary MSA 4X4 Water Crossing Bra

The MSA 4X4Water Bra fits any vehicle and features a "quick-fit" design. This allows the bra to be fitted in just 10 seconds. With one person on either side, the bra is pulled over to cover the front of the vehicle. The 50mm straps and shock cord on the sides are then hooked around the side mirrors and can be tightened to fit the vehicle.


  • Manufactured from heavy duty 420 Denier PVC backed Oxford Nylon
  • Allows you to cross through water without risking damage to your radiator
  • Helps to prevent expensive damage to internal vehicle components
  • 10 second "quick-fit" design for easy installation
  • 50mm side straps & shock cord for safe and easy adjustment
  • Conforms to all vehicle shapes and sizes
  • Includes canvas carry bag supplied for easy transport and storage
  • Avoid vehicle damaging tarps and ocky straps

Please note:TheMSA 4X4The Water Bra shouldonly be usedwhen crossing through water and should betaken off after use. Leaving the bra on during regular driving can cause overheating, which is dangerous and can cause serious damage to your vehicle.