Offroad Animal Predator Bullbar for Chevrolet Silverado 2500 (2024 on)

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Meet the ultimate Predator Bull Bar for your trusty Chevrolet Silverado 2500! Brought to you by Offroad Animal, the masters of tough and rugged off-road gear. Made with top-notch steel and coated in bold black, this bull bar is ready to take on anything that dares to test your truck's front-end - from rocks, to animals, to pesky tree branches.

Plus, it's got sleek and fierce looks that are sure to turn heads on the road (and off). But don't let its stunning appearance deceive you - this bar is built tough for serious action. Fully equipped with convenient mounting spots for your winches and lights, you can easily customize this bad boy to fit your exact needs and dominate any terrain with confidence.

Trust us, installation is quick and easy with our custom brackets that fit flawlessly onto your Silverado 2500 without any extra tinkering. With Offroad Animal's unbeatable commitment to quality and durability, you can rely on.


  • Looks. Yep this bad boy looks great and will give your Silverado that Super aggressive look
  • Smaller bar means it weighs less so your Chev can still be fast
  • Bar completely made from Steel
  • Better Airflow than the rest to keep your motor cool too.
  • Easy fitment of bar and winch
  • Winch can be fitted after bar is fitted so, yeah, nice
  • Winch mounts feet down, (actually how most winches were designed,)
  • Can have LED light bar fit inside bar for super stealth cool look (up to 32" LED single row)
  • Can have LED light bar fitted into optional top stealth hoop.
  • Stout recovery points included
  • Solid steel bash plate included
  • 48kg removed from from Vehicle and 72.5kg added with bar so a net increase of only 24.5kg
  • Only adds 85mm to front of vehicle over standard bumper


  • ADR compliant
  • Airbag compatible
  • Works with all safety driving tech
  • Optional top hoop-Stealth hoop which takes up to a 32" LED light bar single row
  • Optional Rally hoop 4 light version, or dual light version also fits
  • Optional 3" or 2" round top hoop.
  • Welded one piece bar with welded wing supports for super toughness
  • Zinc plated then powder coated Matte black
  • Hi lift jacking points included in design
  • Suits most low mount winches including Warn Zeon. Rated for 15,000lbs winch
  • Works with Parking sensors
  • We suggest these Offroad Animal Fog lights
  • Number plate flip included for those running a winch
  • Aluminium Bash plates to save weight included as standard
  • Can be colour coded to vehicle
  • 20mm Steel tow hooks included as standard

Stealth top hoop has same arrangement for led light bar, fitting most single row light bars, but we suggest the Offroad Animal 32" LED light bar